I was reading an article about body language and about little things people do that speak tons about themselves. The article talked about looking at someone’s shoes (are they clean? dirty? what style are they? old? new?)… another one talked about the websites people read, or the way they write their texts… while there were some deep answers and some not-so-deep ones, all with some truth in each of them, I want to enumerate the five things I took from it. Not because I want to become an expert at reading others, but because I want to use them in my everyday life. I think if we can incorporate some of the following in our lives we can come out of it as better people.

  1. Intelligence
    When and how we respond to questions we have no knowledge of says a lot about us. I remember being with someone long time ago that refused to admit he didn’t know things because he was afraid he would be look as an ignorant. That is far from true. The admission of “I don’t know” creates an opportunity to learn.
    Stick to people that are ready to declare themselves as non experts.
    Know it alls are rather insufferable. Plus, in order to know everything it would mean you have nothing left to learn in this world and that is, somehow, starting to die.
    As Socrates said “I just know I know nothing”. The more I get to know the world, the more I realize I have no clue about most of it.
  2. Externalities
    How we react when ‘the plan’ goes off the rails shows pretty much the way we are. Do we freak out? Do we get angry? or Do we just go to plan B?
    Some circumstances are out of our hands. We can plan the perfect day, the perfect life, but things don’t always go the way we planned them. I have learned to make plans but to write them down in pencil in case I need to erase them and write a new version of it. I have also learned that when things don’t go your way it’s because there is something better coming along.
    Stick to people that don’t overreact in those moments.

  3. Littering
    It’s a space petty crime that hardly gets any attention. Says volumes about people who can’t fathom the bigger picture. Littering (whether it is by throwing a paper, a cigarette butt, polluting with noise or negativity) is not only affecting you or the people around you but the whole planet and the generations that are yet to come. Be careful with this, it’s our job to keep this planet clean.
    I know, many of us think we don’t litter because we put everything in a garbage can. Are we really doing enough? Could we perhaps not only try to have less amount of waste but to actually recycle it the proper way, compost what can be compost and do a better job? I know I can because I am not doing it all.
  4. Selflessness
    How do we treat those that will add nothing for us monetarily speaks volumes. What do we do for other people without expecting ANYTHING in return (not even a thank you)?
    Selflessness sounds like a great thing but it’s actually way harder to do than it seems. Expecting nothing but doing good for the sake of it should be the norm.
    Stick to people that offer respect and kindness to ALL beings (even the ones that can’t talk. Trees and plants included)
  5. Consideration
    Being considerate for others, specifically.
    Putting items back in their place, returning a shopping cart.
    There’s always time to make someone else’s life bit easier.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps and I hope we all get to make this, a better world.

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