What you do matters

Often time I wonder if I am making a difference in the world. I used to think I had to be a huge star or someone very well known to make a difference. Or to be involved in a huge charity or organization to make an impact in the world. The truth is that, while you will reach more people being a famous person or working with a big organization, it is not necessary to make a difference and to make the world a better place.

I have heard of stories about this. A young girl was in line at the grocery store to pay for her stuff. She saw the woman behind her only had a couple of articles and told her to please go in front of her. The woman bursted into tears and told her she had just moved to that town and she was wondering if she had made the right decision when the girl offered her to take her spot. She said she knew right there not to wonder about it anymore and that she knew everything will be okay.

On a deeper note I heard about a young boy who wanted to commit suicide. He had made the decision and was planning on coming backhoe and take his own life after school. One of his teachers came to the class and asked if he was okay. The teacher took him out and told him (without knowing of his suicide plans) “I am very impressed by the paper you turned in last week. I think you have lots of potential as a writer and I will not let you go until we figure out a plan to make you a published writer. I believe in you and I care about you so I am on your team”. The boy told the teacher how he was going to take his own life because he thought no one cared about him.

What you do matters. You never know how something so simple can impact others deeply. A simple smile to a stranger, a kind word to someone you come across with (“I like your dress”) or a nice gesture (letting someone go ahead of you at the line when you are about to pay, opening the door for someone, wishing someone a nice day while smiling to them and looking at them…)  go a long way. And, most likely, you won’t know in which death you changed someone’s life with this, but be sure you are doing it.

I experienced it the other day. I went to Costco with my daughter (I love Costco especially the day where they have samples out!) and after getting a sample I told the woman “thank you so much and, by the way, you have really pretty eyes” (she did). The woman (she was probably in her 70’s) turned and gave me a hug. She said she was having a really crappy day and the fact that I took time to thank her and tell her a compliment made it better. I really had to go (I am ALWAYS in a hurry) but took 5 minutes to talk to her. Yes, I was going to be late (as usual) to where I had to go but I thought if I am having a bad day and someone listens to me for 5 minutes my day would be so much better, so, Why not doing it for someone else?… the best part of all this is that my daughter was with me so she got to see all this; not so she thinks I am awesome, but so she learns by observing how to behave with others.

Be kind, be nice, keep doing a great job at life. Be sure that every time you smile at someone, you are kind or nice, you are making a difference even if you don’t see it right away. And, if you do this for someone most likely they will do it for someone else creating a chain reaction of pure kindness. This is how we change the world!

I want to take this opportunity to wish my best friend and sister by election Cristina Mondragon a Happy Birthday! She makes a huge difference in my world and makes me a better person just by being there. Feliz Cumpleanos Crispina! Te quiero mil!!!!

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  1. Sabias palabras Tere, me han hecho reflexionar y me he visto representada en tus ejemplos, pues así es como me siento muchas veces actualmente. Pero creo que tienes razón, siempre habrá alguien a quien le importamos. Te quiero mucho.


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