Secrets for a better run

If you have the opportunity to hang with professional runners or elite athletes, you may be able to pick up a few tidbits—how to pace yourself, which routes have the cleanest bathrooms, what to wear when the weather changes during your run. When I started running I used to ask coaches, trainers, nutritionists and veteran... Continue Reading →

Are you your worst enemy?

Back in 1999 I was a good swimmer. I thought of myself as a super swimmer (my ego was a little bit bigger than it is now). I had already won a world championship, at 27 I became the oldest member in our National Swim Team ever, I helped our team to earn a couple of... Continue Reading →

What you do matters

Often time I wonder if I am making a difference in the world. I used to think I had to be a huge star or someone very well known to make a difference. Or to be involved in a huge charity or organization to make an impact in the world. The truth is that, while... Continue Reading →

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