Are people around you holding you back?

Sometimes it’s easier to see when we should not hang out with someone, but most of the time is not so clear.

Have you ever had a goal that you really wanted to achieve and thought to yourself “wow, This is crazy, but I think I am going for it”? Did you communicate this goal to anyone? What were the answers you got?. If you are bold enough to believe in yourself, in your goal, in what you want to accomplish and where you want to go, you should surround yourself with people that are bold enough to believe in you and to support you in your quest for that goal, whether it sounds crazy or not, and whether you achieve it or not. After all, the people that have achieved great results or breakthrough moments have done it out of boldness and belief despite the many naysayers (remember Thomas Alva Edison and his 1000+ attempts to create the lightbulb?)

Think for a moment about something that you want to achieve. Not something that you know you will achieve, something that you really want but that you have convinced yourself it’s too “out of there”. What is stopping you? Is it because you don’t believe you can or because you have listened to others telling you why you shouldn’t?
Learn to identify the people that don’t support your dreams and that are not rooting for you. It’s okay to still be friendly towards them and to wish them well, but it’s also okay not to have them in your inner circle.
Now this can get tricky because they may be family or someone you have considered a friend. Remember you can love them but you have to love yourself more. These people are not mean or bad, they are just afraid. But if you shouldn’t let your own fear get in your way to greatness, nevertheless let someone else’s fear get in your way! And no matter what they tell you, the truth is, someone that really believes in you will never see the reasons why you will fail at something; they will always see the greatness in you and will push you so you can become the person you are meant to be.

I saw a picture of a beautiful young lady on Facebook (I know her well). Someone “a friend” of hers commented “you look ugly here”. She replied “that’s how you love me” and the guy’s answer was “with that face no one will love you”. I flipped. I asked the boy why was he saying those awful things to her and the answer of her was “we are friends and that’s how we relate to each other”. I thought Really? That’s how you want someone to treat you?. You should never allow anyone to tell you things that put you down even if they tell you they are just joking. Words have energy and whatever someone tells you somehow starts to have an impact on you. Plus, a true friend or someone who really cares about you would NEVER tell you anything that puts you down, on the other hand, a true friend will always try to make you better than you are and to believe you can become great.

Surround yourself with people that are going to help you release your faith in yourself and not the fear in yourself, whether your goal is to run your first race or becoming an olympian.

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