Are you settling for less?

There is a prerequisite for reaching our many goals, and making all of our dreams come true: We can accept nothing less.

Sometimes, we fill our emptiness with things that are not what we really want. Maybe we accept the career that’s easier and safer for us instead of taking the risk and putting in the hard work to create the business we really want for ourselves, or we fill our loneliness with people who aren’t really good for us.

In order to have it all, we have to stop settling for less.

I remember one time my mom said people start accepting things that are not right as if they were and eventually that becomes your new reality, your new normal. As much as I like to always disagree with my mother, what she said hit me hard. At the time I was in the middle of complete chaos in my life. I had accepted that things weren’t perfect but that they could be worse. I had accepted that the way I was living was okay, was normal. Now I know better. Living with someone who is abusive is not normal. Thinking we don’t deserve to have more than enough money is not normal. Thinking we will never be skinnier, stronger, or whatever it is we want because “that’s just the way my body is” is not normal. Settling for less than what we truly deserve and want is not okay. It’s just a story we have told ourselves to convince ourselves that what we are going through is fine instead of facing the pain of realize this is not okay and we deserve better.

We can have it all. We will have it all the day we start believing we deserve it. Whether it s in sports, in a relationship, in our work, with our bodies, in any aspect of our lives when we realize we deserve better and we are not willing to settle for less we will start creating a shift in our thoughts which, at the same time, will start opening the possibilities for a newer, better reality for us.

You deserve everything great the world has to offer. Stop settling for less and stop convincing yourself that what you have is what you deserve.

In this world we don’t have what we deserve, we have what WE THINK we deserve.

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  1. Tere, tus comentarios me están sirviendo mucho, doy gracias a Dios por haber encontrado una persona como tú en este momento tan difícil y complicado para mí.


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